The Best Baby Gates for Child Safety

Before you decide to buy a baby gate you should be sure you’re getting the type of baby safety gate you actually need. Here are some tips to help you make your best decision.

Best Safety Baby Gates

Best Rated Baby Gates

  • + Different sizes

  • + Pressure installation

  • - Doesn`t open both ways

  • + Can be used for the balconies

  • + 100% crystal clear

  • - Сovering the edges

  • + Easy to close

  • + Mount 2 or 3 panels

  • - Wobbly for wood floor

Best Baby Gates

There are many sites where you can browse and get a look for your child safety gate.

Kid Shield 5’ Child Safety Gate

  • It is a safety piece of furniture which can be used for the balconies, and other landings.
  • It is a good barrier to giving proper protection.
  • It is plastic which is of high quality and does not break easily.
  • It’s highly durable and easy to customize according to your wish.
  • Measures 33’ height and of 15’ long.
  • BPA-free.

Evenflo – Secure Step Metal Top of Stairs Gate

  1. This is easy to install and a well-protected safety gate of 30’ height.
  2. It’s easy to open and close.
  3. It has got a childproof locking mechanism and works on one button.
  4. Its made of strong metal and it’s highly durable and lasting.
  5. The indicators on the gate help to know whether the gate is locked or not.

Dreambaby Swing Closed Security Gate White

  • This is also considered the best security gate if kids around in your house.
  • It does not have any extensions which will cause any harm for the baby.
  • It is a kind of pressure mounted gate that fits tightly to the wall.
  • The gates swing open and close automatically and it’s operated very easily.

Walk Through Baby Gates

Are you looking forward to the safety of your little one? No wonder baby gates do a great role in providing much safety around interiors and exteriors preventing your baby from getting into curious things! Go through baby gates!! Have you heard of these safety gates? These are convenient gates helping you to easily operate and at the same time move along with your baby!

Regalo Extra Wide Widespan Gate

A well-designed gate that expands up to 56″ safeguarding the easy go openings at your home! Easy walk through safety gates. This gate meets all safety standards of a child safety gate and certified by JPMA. Much better a choice on huge hallways, stairways, doors, etc.

Product Dimensions58 x 1.5 x 31 inches
Additional product featuresDual_lock
Weight9 pounds

Summer Infant Sure & Secure Custom Fit Gate-Self Locking Walk Thru Gates

A really comfortable and convenient choice for home use. Keeps your kid safe inside from getting into dangerous environments. You will feel free to walk in through to get to your baby and it locks just by a touch. It is obvious that your baby and you need peace so go rush for this gate! Tall up to 30″ and extend up to 143″. The extendable fittings are sealed along with the kit.

Product Dimensions30 x 0.2 x 29 inches
Additional FeaturesAuto-close and Hold-open
Weight1 pounds

LA Baby Stop And Go Safety Gate System

Amazing safety gate with lift and open trigger handle to operate. It opens so quickly and easily. Enables you to conveniently Go through with your baby. This pressure-mounted gate gets neatly fixed to the openings where it is been inserted. Climb resistant, durable gate for peaceful homes! It can be easily fixed even on irregular grounds.

Fits up to26.8″-37.8″
Weight9.75 pounds
Product Dimensions29.9 x 2.2 x 28.7
Additional product featuresAutomatic closing door

Decorative Extra Tall And Extra Wide Walk Through Gate

Going crazy with this cool decorative piece of furniture? Don’t you think it could be the best choice at your home? This easily opens to both sides and locks with the inbuilt locking mechanism. It is extra tall of 36″ and fit into wide openings. The durable metal frame is extra tall and wide. Easily to install and uninstall.

Product Dimensions48 x 0.5 x 36 inches
Additional product featuresAuto-close and Hold-open
Weight21 pounds

Shopping Tips For Buying Baby Safety Gates

Most importantly, what to look out for when buying a children's gate.

Where will the gate be used?

This is important because you wouldn’t want to use a pressure-mounted gate for stairways. You would want to utilize hardware mounted baby gates for stairs that provide added strength and security.

Pressure mounted gates are ideal in between rooms and areas where there aren’t hazards such as stairs.

Type of baby security gate

It goes without saying that you want any type of stylish baby gate to be sturdy and have a smooth, splinter-free finish.

A wooden baby gate is fine but look for ones with rounded corners instead of sharper squared edges.

A metal baby gate is the strongest, but wood gates still work very well in almost cases. It really comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Retractable Baby Gates

Retractable Baby Gates
  • Retractable Baby gates are very flexible as it’s like a mesh network made of polyester which is safe for babies.
  • This is easy to swing open.
  • This is easily adjusted and installed providing convenience.
  • This is considered the best baby gates because it is easy to store and considered best for the down part of the staircase.
  • These gates are best because of its make and many people prefer these retractable baby gates as the best gates.

Hands-Free Gate

Hands-Free Gate
  1. This gate is easy to install and 100 % safe to use.
  2. The important feature of this is the pedal system at the bottom if just pressed by an adult it will swing open and thus providing a convenient locking system.
  3. This is the best light-weighted gate.

Check the slats

Always choose a baby proof gate with vertical (up and down) slats. Although rare, horizontal slats can be climbed easily.

Vertical slats should have no more than a 3-inch gap between them. Gates with 2-inch gaps are even better. This will prevent a baby from getting their head between the slats, and also from being able to get their foot on the bottom rail.

Know your measurements

This may seem like a “duh”, but it happens all the time. You get to the store and find the best baby gate you like, but you didn’t bring your measurements with you. Be sure you buy the right size of the gate for your particular use.

Check for safety certification

One of the most important aspects of buying the best baby gates for stairs, pressure mounted baby gates, or any other type of gate, is to be sure you are buying one that is certified safe.

You should be able to see on the frame or the box it comes in a sticker that shows the gate meets minimum safety requirements prescribed by the (ASTM) American Society for Testing and materials.

The manufacturer should also be a participant in the certification program by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. (JPMA)

This means that the baby gate meets safety standards for areas such as the strength of the gate, size of slat openings, gate side height, the integrity of latch mechanism, and other standards.

EvenFlo Baby Gates

  • This is a high featured baby gate with an easy locking system.
  • A gentle push is enough to open the gate and a gentle press on the button on the wall to lock the gate.
  • The indicators will check whether the gate is locked thus serving the purpose efficiently.
  • These are the best downstair gates and doorways.
  • Best used with children of 2 years.
  • It’s available in different heights and widths.

Kidco Baby Gate

  1. This is a safe baby gate that is certified as the best baby gate by the authorities.
  2. The material by which it made is very safe for babies as it is free of PVC.
  3. It got models or pressure mounted gates and also hardware-mounted gates.
  4. It also manufactures models of wide and expanded gates to fit large areas and also irregular gates.
  5. This Kidco baby gate is called a playpen as it’s used for kids to play with these protective barriers around.

What Baby Gates Meet All Safety Standards

Child Safety

All the best baby gates made by the following makers are sealed by the JMPA and completely meet all safety requirements:

  • KidCo
  • Summer Infant Products
  • The First Years
  • Cardinal Gates
  • GMI
  • Simplicity For Children
  • Kunshan E-Tech Industrial
  • Evenflo
  • Mommy’s Helper
  • North States Industries Regal Lager
  • Retract-A-Gate/Creative Frontier
  • Safety 1st

General Baby Gate Safety FAQ

👶 Can I use the baby gate without certification?

Always use baby gates that are certified for safety. Many older models are not certified and could potentially be dangerous.

👶 Why can’t you buy an accordion-style children’s gate?

Never use an accordion-style baby gate. Although rare, these gates are known for pinching fingers and skin, as well as being used as ladders in the half-holded position. Buy a baby gate with only vertical slats. Horizontal slats, rarely made today, can be used for climbing over the top.

👶 At what age can we stop using partitions?

Once your child is over 36 inches tall, discontinue using the gate. A child’s gate should never be less than three-quarters of your child’s height. Anything less and it could lead to a child falling over the top of the gate.

👶 Which type of lock on the gate is better?

Pressure gates should be installed with the lock release on the opposite side you are protecting.

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