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Retractable baby gates are becoming very popular in the Contemporary households, because you can conceal the child gate whenever it is not required. These gates are usually more costly than even heavy duty metal gates, but to many parents the extra cost is worth the ease as they don’t affect the aesthetics of the house as you can hide them whenever you want.

These gates are also called expandable baby gates. It can be utilized for extra wide spaces, as they are simply expanded to another side of the mounting equipment. Almost all these gates are made up of mesh, which is non-toxic and baby safe. Before spending money, it is essential to know exactly what you are purchasing. So after talking to different parents and testing ourselves we have come up with four best retractable baby gates in the market that you can spend on. Below is our comprehensive review of these gates and the comparison table.

Comparison Table of the Best Retractable Gates

Product LinkList PriceSale PriceMountWidth (Inch)Height (Inch)Material TypeColorBuy From Amazon
Dreambaby Retractable Gate - L820--Hardware5531PlasticWhite or BlackDreambaby-Retractable-Gate-L820
Summer Infant Retractable Gate$99.99$61.42Hardware5030FabricBlack
Retract A Gate$164.50$164.50Hardware7232MeshCafe

Reviews of the Best Retractable Gates


1. Dreambaby Retractable Gate – L820

This Dreambaby Retractable Baby Gate is among the most versatile baby safety gate available today. It fits narrow to wider spaces up to 55-inches. But some users complain that company’s claim of 55 inches width is wrong, instead it doesn’t expand more than 53 inches.

This space efficient expandable gate is made of solid, durable mesh which is extremely safe for your child. You will enjoy Single-handed opening system which is ideal if you are holding your baby or have something in your one hand. But still some people complain that it’s not easy to use it with one hand at first but with some practice you can manage to do that.

The plastic construction allows it to be flexible enough to be installed at top & bottom of stairs, passageways, doorways or even outdoors. It comes with 2 sets of hardware mounts so that you can use it at 2 locations alternatively.

The mounting brackets can be utilized on inner or outer sections of entrances and openings, and could be setup at angles.

Additional: You might need Dreambaby Retractable Spacers if you plan to install it in an area where there is a molding. This spacer will help the gate to stay parallel with the wall.

Since we want you to be informed about all the aspects of the products we recommend, we will not hide negative feedback from our reviewers. If you will not install the gate correctly there is a possibility that there is some space left at the bottom and if you have a crawler, he can crawl through that space quite easily.


  • Plastic made retracting gate that fits an opening from 55-inch wide
  • Extremely light weight with super easy installation
  • Features 2 sets of hardware for mounting in 2 different locations
  • Can be installed either indoor or outdoor
  • What’s in the box: Gate, manual, mounting equipment

dreambaby expandable gate

2. Summer Infant Retractable Gate

retractable baby gate The next retractable safety gate we are about to review is from Summer Infant company which is famous for its good quality baby products. Unlike the Dreambaby gate that we just discussed, this gate can fit an opening of up to 50-inch-wide which is fine if your space is not too much.

If you are too conscious about the look and décor of your home and don’t want to spoil it with mare safety gate then drop all your concerns as this gate has very beautiful decorative pattern on its mesh fabric that will enhance the interior of your sweet home.

Although the fabric is durable but like Dreambaby gate, some users complain that their small babies or pets can easily crawl underneath it.

Hardware mount makes this fabric gate very sturdy and you can safely install it on top of the stairs. You can also install it on baseboards with the help of the baseboard kit that’s already included with the gate.

Some users complain that hardware mounting of the gate is a bit tricky to install and is thus frustrating.

A very interesting feature of this Summer Infant gate is its built-in-timer that automatically closes the door in case you forget to close it. Opening and closing the gate otherwise is also very easy, you just have to push/pull the lever to lock and unlock it.


  • 30-inch tall and fits an opening up to 50-inch wide
  • Hardware mount gate for increased safety
  • Decorative pattern Fabric
  • Can be installed at top-of-stairs or between rooms
  • Includes baseboard kits for easy installation
  • One hand operation with latch style handle to ensure added safety and convenience
  • Durable mesh gate with decorative pattern

3. Retract A Gate

retract-a-gate Retract-A-Gate is among the best retractable baby gates currently being sold. This product should be one of your top considerations if you are looking for a high-quality baby gate that lasts for a long time. The price might seem quite expensive, but it is worth it.

The best part about this baby gate is that you can easily fold it up when you do not need to use it. This feature makes it very convenient to use if you live in a small apartment. The Retract-A-Gate is made from durable materials, easy to wash and they are see-through. This feature makes it a perfect baby gate for use outdoors. Durable scratch resistant materials make up the design, so you do not need to worry if you have pets.

Retract-A-Gate is in high demand because of its safety features which include a child-proof safety lock. This feature allows only adults to open or secure the gate keeping your infant safe within the space. It can also be moved around your home because this product comes with an extra set of Universal Mounting Bracket Kit.

Using the Retract-A-Gate is very convenient, you can install it on your stairs, and hallways doorways, etc. this is possible with the Banister Adapter kit with which it is easily attached to stair posts without drilling any holes in your property.

little llama retractable baby gate

4. Little Llama Retractable Gate

The Little Llama Retractable Indoor / Outdoor Gate is yet another option that’s beautiful yet functional. It’s made of sturdy see-through mesh material that’s guaranteed to withstand whatever your child or pet throws at it. The unit is ideal for doorways, hallways, and stairways up to 54 inches — it’s sure to keep your wandering toddler in place or furry friends out of restricted areas.

It’s also good to know that that this versatile door retracts out of the way and super easy to store away when not in use. The package comes with mounting hardware as well as installation instructions with paper drilling guide.
buy little llama retractable safety gate

5. Gaterol Active Retractable Gate

Last but not the least is this tall and discrete gate from Gaterol. The Gaterol Active Lite Blue – Retractable Baby Gate is a great pick that can be used inside or outside the house — it’s going to work great either way. For the most part, the gate can be installed in hallways, doorways, patios as well as at the top and bottom of stairways — it fits openings 18 to 55 inches wide.

You’ll also be glad to know that this gate is threshold-free, so there’s no need to worry about tripping hazards. It’s one-hand operation, and easy storage is also worth mentioning — it’s a good pick if you got the bill!
buy gaterol active retractable safety gate

So, these were the best retractable gates available in the market. Retractable baby gate is a number one choice for the parents who care about their home decor. They are safe for the usage on the stairs as they are hardware mounted. These gates can also be used in wide passages (the widest gate in out list is 72 inch). If you want to read more about other types of baby gates then check out the best baby gates here.

Happy Shopping!!


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