Best Extra Wide Baby Gates
How easy would it be if all the door openings and spaces were of standard width? It would have been super easy, and you could choose a gate in just a few simple steps. But the reality is far from that, and it is compulsory that you consider the width of the passage before buying the gate.

Baby gates come in a variety of widths to choose from according to your requirements. An ordinary gate would be around 34 inches wide. But if the space you want to cover is larger than that then you can go for the extra wide baby gate. You will find the range from approximately 50 inches to 192 inches.

In this list, we have reviewed the best wide baby gates in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these gates and pick the best one for your home.

Comparison Table of the Top Extra Wide Baby Gates

TitleMountsWidth (Inch)Height (Inch)Extensions IncludedMaterialColorList PriceSale PriceBuy
Deluxe Decor GateHardware38 to 7230Sold SeparatelyMetalMatte Bronze$89.99$81.99buy deluxe decor gate
Summer Infant Decorative GatePressure36 to 6032One 4, 7 & 10 inchWood + MetalBrown/Black--buy summer infant decorative gate
North States Superyard 3-in-1 GateHardware & Freestanding24 - 14430Sold SeparatelyMetalWhite$112.47$112.47buy north states superyard 3-in-1 gate
Summer Infant 6 Ft Expansion GateHardware44 to 72?30?Four 10 InchMetalBronze?-$101.00buy summer infant 6 ft expansion gate
Supergate X Wide Swing Wood GateHardware60 to 10327N/AWoodNatural$49.99$40.92buy supergate x wide swing wood gate
Regalo Super Wide Gate & Play YardHardware29 - 19228N/AMetalWhite$114.69$114.69buy regalo super wide gate & play yard
Regalo Easy Open 50 Super Wide GatePressure29 to 5031One 6 & 12 InchMetalWhite$39.99$33.99buy regalo easy open 50 super wide gate
Regalo Extra WideSpan GatePressure29 to 5831One 6, 8 & 12 InchMetalWhite$41.98$39.99buy regalo extra widespan gate
Regalo 76-Inch Super Wide GateHardware7631N/AMetalWhite$55.99$55.80buy regalo 76-inch super wide gate

Reviews of the Top Extra Wide Baby Gates

1. Deluxe Decor Gate

Want to keep your little one or pet from wandering away from their boundaries? If yes, the Supergate Deluxe Décor Wide Baby Gate is sure to work great for you. The very first to point out is that this gate is built with heavy-duty metal and also comes with a matte bronze finish that’s sure to fit your home’s décor. It can easily fit openings that are 38.3″ to 72″ inches wide and 30″ high — it’s super perfect for spaces between rooms and stairs.

One good thing about this wide gate is that it can be mounted the way you like — you can choose to do it straight across or at an angle that tickles your fancy; you only need to use the special pivot points on the gate panels to get the job done. It’s also good to know that this gate is very sturdy, so there’s no need to worry about the safety of your little one or furry friend. For the most part, the Northgate Deluxe Décor Gate is 25.5 inches wide — so it’s sure to accommodate any family member and can easily be opened with one hand. What more could you ask for?

buy deluxe decor gate

buy summer infant decorative wood & metal gate

2. Summer Infant Decorative Wood & Metal Gate

Looking for a wide baby gate that’s beautiful, functional and adjustable? If yes, your search ends here! This pressure mounted gate from Summer Infant is a stunning choice for the aesthete who values the safety of their little one. The Summer Infant Decorative Wood & Metal gate works great for large openings around the home — it’s perfect for openings 36 to 60 inches wide!

The gate also features an extra wide door that swings both ways — its super easy one-hand operation is also a big plus. You can also choose to move this gate from one room to another, and you won’t have to worry about damaging your walls — that’s one of the joys of having a pressure mounted gate! This is clearly one of the best wide baby gates that’s sure to get the job done. Lest we forget, you can also use the gate to keep your furry children safe and contained!

buy summer infant decorative wood & metal gate

3. North States Superyard 3-in-1 Gate

 Next in line is the North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate — it’s the perfect pick for parents who want to get something a little different from standard safety gates. This gate can be configured as a nice looking play yard that’s guaranteed to keep your toddler or small pets safe and secure while you relax or do other things around the house. It can also be configured as a walk through hardware mounted gate.

The North States Superyard 3-in-1 Gate is made of heavy-duty metal, and it comes with one swinging walk-thru panel alongside a childproof double locking mechanism for maximum safety. It’s good to point out that this gate can sit on hardwood floors, tile, and carpet. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about scratching as it comes with quality rubber padding — this should come in handy if you’re planning to use it on hardwood floors.

You can choose to connect its 30 inch high panels to create a spacious 10 square feet of space or set it up as a barrier with the help of the included mounting hardware — this extends the width up to 144 inches. All in all, this is a legit gate enclosure that’s sure to keep your crawling baby or hyperactive pooch in place.

buy north states superyard 3-in-1 gate

4. Summer Infant 6 Ft Metal Expansion Gate

Are you looking to keep your busy toddler safe from household hazards? If yes, take a look at the Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate. This is one of the best long baby gates on the market that comes with all the features you need to keep your baby or furry friend safe. For starters, the Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate is made of high-quality metal with a nice bronze finish — you’re going to love how sturdy it is. The good thing is, this hardware mounted gate isn’t going to shift out of place regardless of how much your baby pushes against it. It’s also good to point out that this is an expansion gate, so you can expect it to be as wide as can be. Its standard height is 30 inches but can span a width from 44 to 72 inches — this is pretty good.

Another good thing about this product is that the door easily swings open so you can easily step thru the gate — there’s absolutely no need to remove or climb over the gate to pass into another room. The gate’s one-hand opening design is also a big plus — it’s simple for adults to use but super hard for your little one — what more could you ask for?

buy summer infant 6 ft metal expansion gate

5. Supergate X Wide Swing Wood Gate

If the previous option from Supergate isn’t wide enough for your home, you can get the Supergate X Wide Swing Wood Gate. It’s a high-performance, well-built wide baby gate that’s sure to keep your toddler and pets in place. The gate is perfect for high-traffic areas thanks to its sturdiness. It also comes with a childproof latch that allows for one-handed operation which is a big plus for parents — you can also step over it if you want!

For the most part, the Supergate X Wide Swing Wood Gate is one of the widest baby gates on the market as it happens to be perfect for openings between 60″ to 103″ in width — great right? It’s also good to point out that the gate is 27 inches high! The gate also features a nice wooden design which allows for easy maneuverability; the natural wood will also fit your home decor, and that’s great. It’s a recommended purchase if you’re looking to create a gate to cover a wide space in your home.
buy supergate x wide swing wood gate

6. Regalo Super Wide Gate & Play Yard

regalo long baby gate with play yardThis Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate includes eight metal configurable panels each 24-inch wide and 28-inch tall. These panels can be expanded to a 192-inch long baby gate or enclosed to a space of 19 square feet when used as a play yard.It can be use as the wall mounted or free standing. It also folds down easy for storage and has a walk-through gate. This product is JPMA certified.

  • It can be used in many ways depending on your needs. For example, as a play yard, fire place guard, and staircase barrier. Each configuration is quick and easy to setup and take down.
  • Includes eight 24-inch long removable and configurable panels that enclose 19 square feet play area.
  • Expands to a 192-inch wall mounted gate or a standing barrier. Wall mounting hardware is included for this setting.
  • Convenient walk through design with safety locking feature
  • Folds down for easy setup and storage. Ideal for moving around the house.
  • Made of sturdy steel for ultimate durability.
  • Juvenile Product Association Certified; Great for the pet too!
  • Box includes Regalo 4-in-1 gate with instruction manual and wall mounting hardware.

7. Regalo Easy Open 50-Inch Super Wide Gate

regalo 50 inch child gateRegalo Easy Open Safety Gate is 31-inch tall with door, fits openings from 29-50 inches. It has a 6 & 12-inch extension kit that helps in covering the openings up to 50 inches. It has a pressure mounting system with steel construction for durability & strength. Safety lock feature with one touch release, which allows adults to go through the doorway just by pulling back the lever handle. It is extremely light weight and includes a 90-day warranty.

  • 31-inch tall fits openings from 29-34 inches long.
  • Includes a 6 & 12 inch extension kit, to cover openings up to 50 inches wide.
  • Pressure mounts with 100% steel construction for durability & strength.
  • Safety locks feature with one touch release, which allows adults to go through the door by just pulling back on the lever handle.
  • It is extremely lightweight & portable
  • 90-day warranty
  • Ideal for hallways, passages, extra long openings & doorways
  • PVC free, certified by the JPMA & ASTM
  • What’s in the box: Gate, manual, one 6 & 12 inch extension kit & pressure mounting equipment.

8. Regalo Extra WideSpan Gate

regalo extra widespan gateRegalo Extra Widespan Child Safety Gate is a pressure mounted gate that fits an opening from 29 to 58 inches wide. It comes with three extensions (6, 8 & 12 inches) and stands 31 inches tall. Lever style handle provides super easy one hand operation, allowing adults to walk through while opening the handle with one hand. Its safety lock feature offers automatic release.

Safety Tip: Use wall cups (included in the package) for additional security when installing these child gates on the Top of the stairs. Wall cups are drilled into the wall or banister.

  • 31-inch tall, fits an opening from 29 to 34 inch long.
  • Includes a 6, 8 & 12-inch extension kits for openings upto 58-inch wide.
  • Pressure mounted, Easy to install and remove
  • Lever style handle provides easy one hand operation, allowing adults to walk through while opening the handle with one hand.
  • Durable steel design; Perfect for doorways, passages, long openings
  • Juvenile Products Manufactures Association certified; Great for Pets too!
  • Manufacturer’s limited 90-day warranty.
  • What’s in the Box: Pressure Mounts, manual, one 6, 8 & 12-inch extension kit and pressure mounting equipment.

9. Regalo 76-Inch Super Wide Metal Configurable Gate

regalo 76 inch baby safety gateRegalo 76 Inch Super Wide Gate is ideal to fit a lot of different openings in the house. It’s a hardware mounted 31-inch tall gate that fits 76 inches wide openings. The configurable panels fit tilted or irregular openings. The walk through design enables you to open & close it with a single hand. The latch style handle also provides a safety-locking feature.

The all-steel construction makes it sturdy. For additional security, hardware mounts are included. The design allows easy storage. It is PVC free, and is certified by the JPMA and meets ASTM safety standards.

  • 31-inch tall and more than 6ft wide
  • Hardware mounts with convenient latch-style handle and safety lock system
  • Adjustable panels that can be installed just about anywhere
  • Strong and durable with 100% steel construction. PVC free.
  • One hand operation to ensure added safety and convenience
  • Configurable panels adapt to accommodate angular doorway, hall & stairs
  • Walk-through design with single hand operation and safety locking system
  • Can be folded easily to store.  JPMA and ASTM certified

Summing it Up..

Folks, there you have it, the best extra wide baby gates available in the market. Just a tip of caution, always measure the space in your home before you shop,  few moments of preparation will save you from lots of hassle later. Besides the wide gate, there are other places where you might require a baby gate, check out Baby Gate Reviews to read more.


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