If you have a baby that could climb like monkeys or a dog that could easily jump buildings then extra tall baby gates are for you. They are at-least 5-inch taller than the standard gates. This additional height ensures that your dog does not jump or your baby does not climb over it.There are lots of options to choose from when selecting a safety gate.

In this guide, we will highlight the top tall gates to help you find the best one for your home. Below is our comprehensive review of these gates & the comparison table of the products.

1. North States Supergate Tall Swing Gate

Are you looking to create a safe environment in your home and discourage gate climbing? If so, the North States Supergate Tall Easy Swing and Lock Gate is sure to meet and possibly exceed your expectations. The gate is constructed of steel and features a secure safety latch design which allows you to open it with just one hand. The good thing is, you’re the only one who gets to enjoy the easy one-hand operation, your toddler won’t even stand a chance to do that.

The North States Supergate Tall Easy Swing and Lock Gate is ideal for the top of stairs, doorways or other areas that need to be blocked. The threshold free system is also a big plus — you won’t need to worry about tripping hazards that typically come with thresholds. Finally, the door is designed to swing out of the way and automatically relatch behind you especially when your hands are full — this is a big plus for the super busy mom. Don’t hesitate to take the plunge if you care about the safety of your little one!
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2. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Tall Safety Gate

28 to 48 inches wide, 36 inches tall, dual lock system, hardware & pressure mounting

Images of summer Infant Multi Use Deco Tall Child Gate As we have discussed in our other posts, Summer Infant is a quite reputable company that makes baby gears and other products. And that’s the reason Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco gate tops our list of tall safety gates.

With 18 inches wide opening, this attractive beige tall walk through gate with door can fit spaces from 28” to 48” wide and stands 36-inch tall. It comes with two 4.5” and a 9” extensions that will help it fit the places wider than 48 inches. It has both Hardware mounting kit and pressure mounting, you can install the gate however you want. Hardware mounting will ensure additional security and pressure mounting is for quick installation that doesn’t leave marks on the walls. Availability of both mounting systems makes it ideal for both doorways and stairways fittings.

To ensure that the gate is safe for top of the stairs, it comes with removable stoppers that will help it not to open towards the staircase.

People who have bought this gate swear by it and recommend it to others. We have not encountered any valid negative feedback about it.

The gate also features dual locking system to avoid any accidents. Auto Close locking feature closes the door automatically after entry or exit. This adds added security in case you forget to shut the door, it will automatically close of after certain amount of time.

  • 36-inch tall, fits openings from 28” to 48” wide.
  • Extensions Included: Two 4 ½ inch & one 9 inch. These extensions allow for more accurate & secure fit.
  • Pressure mounts are included for usage around rooms & hardware mounts for installing on top or bottom of stairs.
  • Attractive beige metal finish that blends into your home’s decor
  • One handed operation with auto close walk through door. The door closes & locks automatically.
  • The door opens in both directions.
  • What’s in the box: Gate, 9-inch extension, two 4 ½ inch extension, manual, pressure & hardware mounting equipment.

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Images of Regalo Tall Child Gate

3. Regalo Tall Widespan Gate

29.5 to 52 inches wide, 36 inches tall, pressure mounting system, 2 extension kits, single-touch hand release system

If you want an Regalo tall gate that is easy to install and take down then this one is for you. This sturdy metal pressure mounted gate can accommodate a variety of openings ranging from 29.5 inches to 52 inches. Designed specifically for children from 6 to 36 months, this 36 inches tall child proofing gate is the perfect choice for those little climbers or even large pets. To make it fit in the wide uneven space it comes with a 6 & 12-inch extension kits.

But few people complain that if you use the extension kits the door becomes filmsy

The easy to adjust pressure-mounting system makes installation easy and quick without leaving any marks on your walls. The door boasts straightforward lift lever-style handle that could be opened with a single-touch hand release, which is convenient for adults with occupied hands.

Just to ease your mind, it meets all the safety standards and is PVC free.

  • 38-inch tall and fits an opening from 29.5-52 inches wide
  • Comes with one 6 and 12-inch extension kits
  • Expands all the way up to 52-inches wide to fit a range of openings
  • For taller children
  • Pressure mounts with easy adjustment
  • One hand operation to ensure added safety
  • Includes 90 days warranty
  • Steel construction for additional strength and durability
  • JPMA & ASTM certified
  • What’s inside the Box: Gate, extension kits, mounting equipment and manual.

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Images of Regalo Home Accents Gate

4. Regalo Home Accents Tall Walk-Thru Gate

29 to 44 inches wide, 38 inches tall, pressure mounts, steel & hardwood construction

If you want a chic look for your home then this Regalo Home Accents Tall Gate will serve your purpose. It is extremely good looking as it has hardwood inserts with premium finish which gives it a very expensive look. This beautiful and strong hardwood plus steel construction pressure mounted gate covers openings from 29 to 44-inches wide and stands 38 inches tall. It keeps away your children and medium to large sized pets.

It gives you an opening of around 17 inches, which many users say, is less. It comes with a 4 & 6-inch extension kit, and there are additional extensions available to be purchased separately. It boasts hardwood and steel construction for durability, strength, and style. It comes with a convenient walk-through design for adults.

It has an easy close handle feature that allows you to close the door with just a simple push, so if you are holding groceries in one hand then you don’t have to worry about using both hands.

  • 38-inch-tall, fits an opening from 29 to 44-inch wide
  • Includes a 4 & 6 inch extension kit
  • Pressure mounts, extremely easy to install & take down
  • Hardwood & steel construction for added security, ensuring durability & strength
  • Includes a convenient feature that allows you to close door with just simple push
  • Featuring Easy close handle for a single hand operation
  • JPMA & ASTM certified.
  • What’s in the Box: Gate, manual, one 4 & 6 inch extension kit and a pressure mounting equipment.

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Images of Summer Infant Multi Use Tall Safety Gate

5. Summer Infant Multi-Use Tall Walk-Thru Gate

28 to 47.5 inch wide, 36 inch tall, pressure mounts with hardware kit, dual lock system

This all-metal Summer Infant Multi-Use Walk Through gate is 36-inch tall and fits an opening from 28 to 47.5-inch wide. Although its not too wide but it can be extended with a 5 inch and 10 inch extension kits to ensure more accurate and secure fit. It is primarily pressure mounting gate but if you want to install it on top of your stairway then you can use hardware mounting to ensure added security. Hardware mounting kit comes within the package.

This Summer Infant gate comes with dual locking system and provides an easy single-handed operation for adults so that you can easily operate it even if your hands are full. The door automatically shuts after you have passed through it.

  • 36-inch tall, fits an opening from 28 to 47.5-inch wide
  • Includes 5 and 10-inch extension kit
  • Pressure mounting system with optional hardware mount installation equipment
  • Robust metal construction for added security and strength
  • Features auto close gate in either direction for convenience
  • Includes door-stop to be used on staircases
  • Also features dual-lock system which enables you to open/close it with 1 hand
  • JPMA certified
  • What’s in the box: Gate, manual, one 5 & 10 inch extension kit, a pressure mounting and optional hardware mounting equipment.

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Images of Regalo Deluxe Easy Step Gate

6. Regalo Deluxe Easy Step Tall Safety Gate

29 to 40 inches wide, 41 inches tall, pressure mount gate, single hand operation

Here comes another beauty, Regalo Deluxe Easy Step Gate. This is the tallest safety gate in the list with a premium pearl black finish with an elegant & stylish look. Aside from its looks, it beats all other gates in our list for being as tall as 41 inches. With 16 inches wide opening it covers the area from 29 to 40 inches wide, which is not as impressive as other gates we just discussed. It includes only one 4-inch wide extension kit unlike others which usually have 2 kits.

The users have sworn by the efficiency and convenience of the gate and highly recommend others.

Thanks to pressure mounting system which makes installation simple and fast. The all-steel construction makes it sturdy and reliable. When both hands are occupied, the simple single-hand walk-through design makes your task so much easier. The latch style handle has a safety locking feature.

Safety Tip: Use wall cups (included in the package) for more security when installing these gates on the Top of the stairs. Wall cups are drilled right into the wall or banister.

  • 41-inches tall and fits an opening from 29-40 inches wide
  • Pressure mounting system in premium pearl-black finish
  • 100% sturdy and durable steel construction
  • Includes one 4-inches wide extension kit
  • Tall gate for children who are taller
  • One hand operation to ensure added safety and convenience
  • PVC free
  • Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association & American Society for Testing and Materials certified

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carlson tall pet gate

7. Carlson 0941PW Extra-Tall Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door

29 to 40 inch wide, 41 inch tall, Pressure Mounting System, White, 7×10 inch pet door

The Carlson Tall Walk-Thru gate create a free path for smaller dogs/pets while confining the baby. The height of this gate is 41 inches, high enough to contain babies who love to climb. It works with a pressure mounting system. It can be adjusted to cover an area of 29 to 40 inches wide; this is made possible with a 6-inch extension included in the packaging.

It has a 7×10 inch door which is suitable for small sized pets to pass through but not big enough for the child. This feature makes it the perfect choice if you have dogs or cats. There is a walk thru door right in the middle; it is an entrance or exit for adults. The entry gate works with a single hand level system, which is simple to operate as an adult, but difficult for children to open.

This product is designed with chew proof steel, so you have no worries about your pets chewing their way through. It is fitted with a retractable pin-lock which shuts or opens the pet door when necessary.

  • 29 to 40 inches wide, includes a 6-inches extension
  • 41 inches tall
  • 7×10” Pet Door – adequate for small pets
  • Pressure Mounted
  • Steel material certified as non-toxic, 100% chew-proof

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Well, this was the review of the best extra tall gates in the market. If you are planning to put it on top of stairs then always go for hardware mounts, it is extremely important for your child safety. Measure the doorway space before you go for shopping, few minutes of homework will save you from a lot of stress. Beside the tall baby gate, there are other types of gate, to read more about it check out the best baby gates reviews.


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