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Do you have a baby who just learned to crawl or started to walk? Do you live in a multi-story house? If your answers to both questions are ‘YES’ then you must keep reading!

I am sure you want to keep your bundle of joy in safe and secure surroundings at all times. For that, before she even starts to crawl you should consider baby proofing your house. The first step towards your baby’s safety is putting stair gates on top and bottom of your staircase. Whether your child is at the top or bottom of the house, stairs are always dangerous for your child. She can accidentally tumble-down leading to a terrible situation from the top or if she’s downstairs she can always climb up the stairs and fall.

Now that you know how stair safety gate can save your baby from any unforeseen accident, let’s talk about the types of stair gates for baby available in the market. Like any other product, you will find different qualities and options to choose from but don’t ever think about compromising on the quality of the child gates for stairs just for the sake of saving few bucks. You will find 2 types of child safety gates for stairs in the market; Hardware mounted gates and pressure mounted gates. Hardware mounted metal gates are more secure than the pressure mounted ones and that’s the reason our experts recommend hardware mount specifically for stair gates.

The baby stair gate should be extremely strong to hold the child weight with zero risk of tripping over.

That’s why we have created a list of Best Stair Gates 2017 for you. Our experts have done extensive research and spent hours in testing these baby gates for top of stairs and bottom of stairs so that your child stays safe and protected .Below is our comprehensive review of the best baby & dog gates for stairs shortlisted by the experts & the comparison table of the products to make it easy for you to choose the one that suits you.

Comparison Table of the Safest Stair Gates

Baby Gates for StairsSummer Infant Multi-Use Extra Tall GateKidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs GateRegalo Extra Tall Top Of Stairs GateRegalo Top Of Stairs Gate
Imagesummer infant extra tall gatekidco top of stair gateregalo extra tall top of stair gateregalo top of stairs expandable gate
List Price$51.09$42.95-$46.95
Sale Price$45.19$44.99-$46.48
Mounting TypeBoth Hardware & Pressure MountedHardware MountedBanister MountedBanister & Wall Mounted
ExtensionsNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Width28 to 48 inch24.75 - 43.5 inch32-53 inch26-42 inch
Height36 inch30.5 inch35 inch30 inch
Material TypeMetalMetalMetalMetal
Auto LockYesNoNoNo
BuyRegalo Extra Tall Top Of Stairs Gate

Reviews of the Safest Stair Gates

We will begin by giving you a detailed review of the best stairway gates for top & bottom of stairs available at Amazon.

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Gate

summer infant extra tall stair gateSummer Infant is the brand that managed to top our list of Best Safety Gates for Stairs.  With the experience of 30 years in baby products, this company has managed to make an all-in-one baby safety gate that is sturdy, versatile and easy to use.

This attractive bronze extra tall metal safety gate for stairs is adjustable to fit an opening from 28 to 48 inches wideband stands 36 inches tall. Not only that you can extend its width by attaching two 4.5 inch & one 9 inch extensions, that are included in the box. These extensions allow for more accurate and secure fit. It is mostly used as a Pressure mounted gate; however Hardware mounts are also included that makes it also usable at the top of the stairs and act as a baby gate for banisters.

It’s Auto-Close feature allows you not to worry about closing the door behind you as it closes automatically without any push.


  • Good looking metal bronze finish that blends with the home furniture
  • Both pressure & hardware mounts are included. It is a highly versatile product, as pressure mounting can be used for passages & doorways, whereas hardware mounting could be used for stairways.
  • Baby gate for bottom of stairs and top of stairs
  • Baby gate for stairs with banister and wall mounting
  • 36-inch-tall gate fits openings 28 to 48 inches’ wide. To securely fit a wide space, it includes two 4-1/2 inch extensions & one 9-inch extensions.
  • Pressure mount does not leave marks
  • The walk through gate closes and locks itself automatically.
  • Walk through gate opens in either direction and can be operated with only one hand
  • What’s in the box: Gate, one 9 inch & two 4-1/2 inch extensions, manual, pressure mounting equipment & hardware mounting equipment.

Kidco Safeway Top of Stair Gate

kidco safeway gate for stairsThe 1st runner-up in our list is Kidco Safeway Stair Gate which is specially designed to be used at top of the stairs. Kidco is an American company that specializes in safety gates since 1994.

If you are particularly looking for a gate to mount on top of your stairs then you can buy this with your eyes closed as this gate is an excellent hardware mounted baby gate for stairs that you can think of (obviously you can use it as a bottom of stairs baby gate as well) This is an ideal baby gate for banister and wall. It is 30.5-inch-tall gate fits an opening from 24.75 to 43.5 inch wide. The gate has adjustable width but extensions are not available. It could be placed on surfaces that are uneven or at odd angles.

This gate is available in a white or black color to blend in with the decor.

The style of the gate is brilliant, as it requires just one hand to release the latch to open up the gate, thus no accidental openings. The whole gate swings open and provides more space for passing through with a child. Since this swinging baby gate for stairs is hardware mounted gate, you will have to drill it into a wall or banister, ensuring maximum protection for your baby. But in case if you are not looking for a baby gate for bannister, then you will need Kidco Stairway Gate Installation Kit. This kit can be used with any Kidco or hardware mount gate.


  • 5-inch-tall gate fits an opening from 24.75-43.5 inch wide. The gate has adjustable width and not extensions are available.
  • Hardware Mounted gate which offers maximum protection at the top of the stairs.
  • Quick release equipment makes sure gate to be effortlessly detached when not required
  • Directional stop stops the gate from falling out over the stairs
  • The side hardware could be mounted on an angular surface
  • 100% Steel construction for added safety.
  • Easy one hand operation

Regalo Extra Tall Top Of Stairs GateRegalo Extra Tall Top Of Stairs Gate

regalo extra tall top of stair gateThird in your list is an Extra Tall banister Baby Gate specially designed for top of stairs, from the company well-known for its reliable baby gears, known as Regalo. Unlike the Kidco stair gate mentioned above this gate for stairs with banister mounting system makes the installation a piece of cake.

You will get a universal kit with the gate that fits almost all the stairways. This kit wraps around the banister and does not require any drilling. It will give you the protection of a hardware mounted gate without damaging your support. Super Convenient!

Thanks to the Simple Glide Technology that helps this gate to expand and fit stairways from 32 to 53 inches.

With this 35-inch-tall gate you don’t have worry anymore about your little climbers. You can easily do other chores without having to look after your little ones at all times.To make it more secure and reliable the simple squeeze latch is there to make it easy for you to operate but very tough for your children to open it


  • 35-inch tall and fits an opening from 32-53 inches wide
  • Baby gates for stairs with banisters
  • Very durable and strong steel structure featuring single hand operation
  • Fits almost 99 percent of stairways (both top and bottom)
  • Features smooth-glide opening system
  • No drilling and any markings on banister
  • JPMA and ASTM certified
  • Includes 90 days warranty
  • What’s in the box: Gate and gate leveler, mounting equipment and manual

Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate

regalo stair gateNext up is another gate made by the company Regalo but unlike the previous one this gate has sturdy metal construction and can be easily expanded to fit almost any area.

Just like the previous Regalo gate this baby gate for top of stairs baby gate also offers banister mounting system which is ideal for openings at the top of stairs and bottom of stairs. This child gate for stairs also incorporates Simple Glide Technology that permits the gate to expand and fits stairways from 26” up to 42” wide, not as impressive as the earlier one we discussed.

The height of 30 inches is also not too striking if you compare it with the Regalo Extra Tall gate in our list that stands at 35 inches tall.

The gate easily expands inwards and outwards while passing through.

It offers a universal kit that fits most of the stairway applications. Adapter kit is included and does not require any drilling or marking up your banister or woodwork. The simple squeeze latch is also there that is easy for adults to operate but very tough for children.


  • 30-inch tall and fits an opening from 26-42 inches wide
  • Banister mount gate, doesn’t involve any grilling or marking
  • Extremely easy installation and super-easy to take down
  • Comes with baby gate banister kit for banister installation
  • Also features optional wall mount kit
  • One hand operation to open and close featuring lever style system
  • Super durable and strong steel structure
  • Fits 99% of the staircases
  • Has smooth-glide opening system
  • To ensure added security it includes stabilizing foot
  • JPMA and ASTM certified
  • PVC free
  • What’s in the Box: Gate, mounting equipment, optional wall-mount kit, manual

Parting Words
Well, there you have it, the best stair gates in the market. Always select the hardware mounted gate for the top of the stairs, it’s crucial. Measure each space in your house before you go shopping, just a few minutes of preparation will save you from lots of stress later. Beside the stairs, there are other areas where you need a baby gate, to read more about it check out the best baby gates.

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