Best Baby Gates of 2017

Best Baby Gates of 2017
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Every parent loves his child and doesn’t want to compromise on the safety of the precious one at no cost. Small children are always susceptible to injury or other accidents if left unattended both indoor and outdoor. In order to ensure that your child remains safe at all times, you will have to start from your own home. Installing indoor gates for kids can be the first step towards that.

We at Baby Gate Reviews will help you find the safest and reliable gates that you can happily install in your house. It will not only give your child the safest play area but also prevent them from reaching any dangerous areas like staircases or fireplaces. So what are you waiting for? Read our reviews and find out which Safety Gate to pick from Baby Gates Amazon!

Comparison Table of the Top 10 Safety Gates of 2017 | Baby Gate Reviews

Best Baby GatesMunchkin Luna Gate With LED LightSummer Infant Extra Tall GateKidco Safeway GateRegalo Super Wide GateRegalo Easy Open Super Wide GateRegalo Easy Step GateRetract A GateCarlson Wide Baby Gate with Pet DoorRegalo Extra Tall GateSummer Infant Extra Tall Gate
Gate TypeStair GateStair GateStair GateExtra Wide GateExtra Wide GateAffordable GateRetractable GateBaby Gate with Pet DoorExtra Tall GateExtra Tall Gate
Imagemunchkin luna gate ledsummer infant extra tall baby gatekidco safeway top of the stairs gateregalo super wide play yardregalo easy open super wide gateregalo easy step gateretract a gatecarlson wide baby gateregalo extra tall widespan gatesummer infant extra tall gate
Mounting typeTurnKey Mounting SystemBoth Hardware & Pressure MountedHardware MountedHardware MountedPressure MountedPressure MountedHardware MountedBoth Pressure & HardwarePressure MountedBoth Hardware & Pressure Mounted
Width30" to 40.5"28" to 48"24.75" to 43.5"29" to 192"29" to 50"29" to 40"72"29" to 44"29.5" to 52"28" to 48"
Extensions2.75" & 5.5"N/AN/AN/A6" & 12"6"N/A6" & 4"6" & 12"Two 4.5" & one 9"
Material TypeMetalMetalMetalMetalMetalMetalMeshMetalMetalMetal

Top 10 Safety Gates of 2017- Experts Recommendations | Baby Gate Review

Best Baby Gates for Stairs

1) Munchkin Luna Safety Gate With LED Light

30 to 40.5 inches wide, 29 inch tall, TurnKey Mounting System, sleek design, Dual Lock, one 2.75″ extension & one 5.5″ extension, Motion activated LEDs

munchkin safety gate with led lightThis gate is a class by itself and the master of all the gates. This walk thru baby gate is a true example of modernism and innovation. This new Munchkin Luna features a breakthrough mounting technology known as Turnkey Mounting System which makes you install it in a blink of an eye. All you have to do is insert the Turnkey tool that comes with it and then twist, and voila you are done! Not only that, this revolutionizing award winning gate features motion activated LED lights that makes your night time walks inside the house super convenient. The sensors will detect your motion from as far as 6 feet and illuminate the LEDs for 15 secs so that you can easily walk through it without tripping.

Although its on the pricier side but totally worth it! This beast can fit the openings from 30 inches to 40.5 inches, which is not bad at all! The door can be opened either one way or both ways, depending how you want it. For instance, if you are installing it on top of the stairs then you will choose one-way opening.

Buy Munchkin Luna Safety Gate now from Amazon.

With just one push you can close the door behind you without any hassle. This dual lock award winning gate has very slim and sleek design that will enhance the beauty of your house.

Super-fast and easy installationVery Pricey
Motion activated LEDsHave to change 2 AAA Batteries for LED once they exhaust
Includes 2 extension kits
Award winning design
1 way and double way opening
Turnkey Mounting System
Tall and wide enough

2)Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Gate

28 to 48 inches wide, 36 inches tall, pressure mount gate, two 4.5 inch & one 9 inch extensions, easy auto-lock walk through baby gate

summer infant extra tall gate2nd gate in our list is from the company Summer Infant. This is one of the best seller amazon baby gate and is also number one in our list of Best Safety Gates for Stairs. This all-rounder gate provides versatility, ease of use and sturdiness. This gate is best for almost any area; stairways, hallways or doorways, you name it. It can fit your extra wide spaces and prevent your climbers to jump over it because of its reasonable height.

This bronze colored attractive gate blends really well with your home interior. It is made up of steel and fits an opening from 28 to 48 inches wide and stands 36 inches tall. You will also get 2 extension kits (one 9 inches & two 4.5 inches) with it. It is mostly used as a Pressure mounted gate; however Hardware mounts are also included that makes it also usable at the top of the stairs.

Buy Summer Infant Extra Tall Gate now from Amazon.

Thanks to its easy locking feature, it can be operated with just one hand and auto-locks itself immediately after you pass through it.

Good looking metal bronze finishOnly comes in Bronze color
Both pressure & hardware mounts are included
Comes with 2 extension kits
Auto-lock walk thru gate
One hand operation

3) Kidco Safeway Top of Stair Gate

24.75 to 43.5 inch wide, 30.5-inch-tall, hardware mount gate

kidco top of stair gateNext up is one of the top Kidco saftey gates which is specifically designed for risky areas like top of the stairs. You can simply install this gate even if you have uneven area. This attractive and strong gate comes in 2 color options to choose from; white and black.

This Hardware mount Steel gate doesn’t come with any extensions but it has adjustable width that can fit your area up to 43.5 inches. It features a directional stop that prevents the gate to swing other side so that security is ensured if it is installed on top of the stairs.

Buy Kidco Safeway Top of the Stair Gate now from Amazon.

You can even uninstall the gate very easily with the help of its quick release equipment so that whenever its not needed you can always take it down with ease.

Quick release equipmentHardware mount leaves drilling marks on the wall
Can be mounted on irregular or uneven surfaceExtensions are sold separately
Best baby gate for top of stairs
Directional stop
Comes with 2 color options
One hand operation
Adjustable width

Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

4) Regalo Super Wide Gate & Play Yard

29 to 192 inch wide, 28 inch tall, Hardware mount or free standing gate, play pen

regalo play yardIf you are looking for a gate that can fit your super wide space or a gate that can be used as a baby gate play yard then this large baby gate is for you. This gate comes with 8 configurable panels made of metal. Each metal penal will add the width of 24 inches.

You can mount this gate on your wall (hardware mount) or can even free stand it, whatever suits you. It can be used in different ways depending on how you want to use it. Each configuration is quick and easy to setup and take down. If you are using it as a play area, it will give you 19 sq ft enclosed area. Enough for your child to play easily.

Buy Regalo Super Wide Gate now from Amazon.

The door also features safety locking system so that you don’t have to worry about any accidents. It is made up of sturdy steel which is very easy to install and take down. You can easily fold it so that you can store it for later use.

Extra wide gateNot very tall
Wall Mounted gate or freestanding baby gateCan be flimsy
Steel construction for extra strength and durability
Comes with 8 configurable panels
Safety lock
Can be used as a play yard gate
Folds down very easily

5) Regalo Easy Open 50-Inch Super-Wide Gate

29-50 inches wide, 30-inch tall, one 6 & one 12 inch extension kits, Pressure Mount gate

Regalo 50 inch gateNext gate in our list is again from Regalo. This gate is made up of 100% steel that provides security and sturdiness. Because it features pressuring mounting system, we will not recommend you to use it on top of the stairs. You can use it on your doorways, hallways etc.

This super wide gate comes with safety locking feature that is operated with one touch release which allows adults to go through the doorway just by pulling back the lever handle.

Buy Regalo 50-Inch Super Wide Gate now from Amazon.

The extremely light weight design makes its installation a piece of cake. Because of its extra ordinary width you can use it on your extra wide areas where an ordinary gate won’t fix.

Extra wide gateCannot be used as top of the stairs baby gate as hardware mounting is not there
Pressure MountingNot very tall
100% steel construction
Lightweight & portable
One touch release lock feature
Includes 2 extension kits
90 days warranty

Most Affordable Baby Gate

6) Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

29 to 40 inches wide, 31-inch tall, Expandable, Pressure mount gate

regalo easy step gateIf you are looking for an affordable child safety gate then this one from Regalo is best for you. Because of its pressure mounting system and durable steel construction this gate proves ideal to be installed in your hallways, doorways etc. This gate can also be placed at top of the stairs with the help of the included wall cups that are easily drilled in the wall or banister.

Buy Regalo Easy Step Gate now from Amazon.

Like other Regalo gates this gate also boasts single touch release safety lock that opens just by lifting the lever. This makes it very easy if your hands are occupied, you can operate this best baby gate without much hassle.
Some people complain that the opening to pass through the gate is quite narrow. If you have a larger person at home then you should consider this point before making a purchase.

Extra wide gateCannot be used on top of the stairs as hardware mounting is not there
Pressure MountingNot very tall
100% steel construction
Lightweight & portable
One touch release lock feature

Best Retractable Baby Gate

7) Retract A Gate

72 inches wide, 34 inches tall, mesh, Retractable, Bracket Mounting

retract-a-gateNext up is one of the best Retractable gates in the market that customers swear by. This award winning gate is on the pricier side but gives very promising results. If you want to spend on a good quality gate once and for all then we will highly recommend this gate to you.

The gate is retracted and folded as easily as a piece of cake when not in use, without creating any annoying noise like other retractable gates. Not only that, this gate features sturdy, washable mesh barrier that you can see through. Because of its material you can even use it outdoors without worrying anymore. This gate is scratch and claw resistant which is ideal if you own a pet.

Buy Retract-A-Gate now from Amazon.

For your ease and your child’s safety, retractagate is one of the best child proof gates has one hand operation system with child proof lock. This way you can easily open and close it while your inquisitive child cannot. If you want to install the gate more than one place and use it alternatively then this can be done with the help of an Additional Universal Mounting Bracket Kit.

This Retract-a-gate can be easily installed on top of the stairs, hallways, doorways etc. Thanks to its Stair Banister Adapter kit, this gate can be installed stair spindles or posts without the need to drill any holes. Super Convenient!
Click on the link to buy retract a gate amazon

Retractable pet and kid gateExpensive
Noise free retractionVery small pets can pass under it
No drilling required
Can be used outdoors
Scratch and claw resistant Mesh
Child proof Lock
Single hand operation
Additional Universal Mounting Bracket Kit
Stair Banister Adapter kit

Best Baby Gate with Pet Door

8) Carlson Wide Baby Gate with Pet Door

29 to 44 inches wide, 31 inches tall, 2 extensions, Pressure mounting gate with optional hardware mount.

carlson wide gate with pet doorLast but not the least on our list is all moms favorite Carlson Wide gate with cat door. These Extra Wide baby gates with door help keep larger pets or your toddlers away and allows small pets and crawlers to pass through it. It comes with one 6 inch and one 4 inch extensions.

Buy Carlson Wide Gate now from Amazon.

This gate is ideal if you want your kids away from all the pet litter and pet food while allowing your pet to pass through the 10 by 7 inches pet door and do all the mess. This door feature pressure mounting system for easy setup and also includes optional hardware to install on top of the stairs.
Thanks to its one touch release handle, opening and closing the gate is not a hassle anymore and you can pass through it even with full hands. The gate is chew proof and made up off 100% steel which makes it very durable and strong.

Retractable gateExpensive
Noise free retractionVery small pets can pass under it
No drilling required
Can be used as an outdoor baby gate
Scratch and claw resistant Mesh

Best Extra Tall Baby Gates

9) Regalo Extra Tall Widespan Gate

29.5 to 52 inches wide, 36 inches tall, pressure mount gate, 2 extension kits, single-touch hand release system

regalo extra tall baby gateNext in our list is a gate from Regalo which is an ideal choice if you are looking for a gate with added height. This 36-inch tall gate helps keep toddlers and climbing pets out of the way. This gate’s strong metal construction will ensure extra security. You will find installing and uninstalling this gate is pretty easy and doesn’t take much time.

Buy Regalo Extra Tall Gate now from Amazon.

You can adjust this gate to fit your wider openings with the help of it 6 & 12-inch extension kits. The gate will not leave any marks as it features pressure mounting system instead of hardware mounting system. Opening and closing the gate is also pretty easy because of its lift lever style handle which you can open with a single-touch hand release, which is convenient for adults with occupied hands.

Extra tall and reasonably wide gateNo hardware mounting option-not not the best baby gate for stairs
Pressure mounting for easy installationCan become flimsy if extensions are used
One hand operation to ensure added safety
90 days warranty
Steel construction for extra strength and durability
Comes with 2 extension kits
Lift lever style handle

10) Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Safety Gate, Beige

28 to 48 inches wide, 36 inches tall, dual lock system, hardware & pressure mounting

summer infant extra tall safety gateNext up we have a gate from another well-known brand in baby products, Summer Infant. The reason we chose this gate is because of its versatility. This gate is not only tall enough to prevent your naughty pets and toddlers to jump over but also has reasonable width. With 18 inches wide opening, this attractive beige tall baby gate with door can fit spaces from 28” to 48” wide and stands 36-inch tall.

The gate can be either used on stairways through hardware mounting system or can be used at other places with its pressure mounting system. If you opt to install this gate on top of your stairs, you can use the removable stoppers which will prevent the gate from swinging the other side.

Buy Summer Infant Extra Tall Gate in Beige Color now from Amazon.

To avoid any unexpected accidents, this gate also features dual lock and auto-close systems. This adds added security in case you forget to shut the door, it will automatically close of after certain amount of time.

One hand operationNarrow opening
Auto close featureTough to install
Door opens in both directionsAuto-close feature sometimes doesn’t work well
2 extensions included
Pressure mounted baby gate with optional hardware mounting
Attractive beige metal gate
Removable door stoppers

Your Guide to the perfect child safety gates 101

You need to understand the basics child gates before making a purchase as you don’t want to invest into something that doesn’t fit your criteria. Kids gates come with various widths, heights, materials and mounting systems targeted to serve different purposes. Our experts at Baby Gate Reviews will make sure that your money is spent on the right product that meets your needs.

Firsts things first. Let’s find out the types of kid gates available in the market:

Metal Gates

Metal baby gates are most widely available in the market today. Keeping in mind how important the safety of a child is, these metal gates are made with sturdy steel which ensures security for your child or even pet. Metal baby gate is ideal for using at the top of the stairs to minimize the risk of tripping or falling. The metal used in the gates is non-toxic, PVC free and safe for your child. Make sure you pick one of the best baby gate that is certified by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and meets the American Section of the International Association for Testing Materials safety standards.

Wooden Gates

After metal gates, wooden gates are widely sold in the market. People who are conscious about their home décor and want to match the child gate with their wooden furniture often go with this type of gates. These gates are not ideal to use outdoors (like gate for front porch, deck etc)as wood can get wet in the rain, and even on top of stairs as they don’t provide as much support as metal gates. Wooden gates are best for hallways and other places indoor from where you want to keep your child or pet away.

If your pet loves to chew then we warn you to stay away from wooden gates as your pet will love to munch on it for breakfast!

Plastic or Fabric Gates

The third type that you will find in the market is either plastic baby gate, or fabric gate that is made in conjunction with plastic. These types of gates are not as sturdy as metal or wooden gates and are mostly retractable. People who are conscious about the interior décor of their homes usually opt for such gates

Now that you know the materials available for the kids gate, let’s move on to the types of systems that attach the gate with your walls or banisters. This system is called mounting system and is very important to consider before picking a baby safety gate, you will know why soon!

hardware mounted baby gates

Hardware Mounting System

Hardware mounting system is the safest of all systems and is best for risky places like stairways. This system requires drilling in your wall, banister or door frame, which makes it very sturdy and almost impossible to fall over. But one drawback of using this system is that it leaves drilling marks after you remove the gate. In our list you will find best baby gate for stairs

Hold child/pet weight without the chance of slippingLeaves drilling marks
StrongDifficult to install
Safest gate for kids for stairsCannot be uninstalled if you are in hurry
Best for long term useLeaves drilling marks
Can be mounted on irregular surfaces such as bannisters & baseboards

Pressure Mounting Systempressure mounted baby gates

A pressure mounting system helps to install the safety gate securely without the need to drill or any other tools. This means you don’t have to worry about spoiling your walls or woodwork. Your child or pet can be kept safely contained without any tension. But if you want to install the gate on any high-risk area like staircase or fireplace then you must go for gates that use hardware mounting.

Easy and fast installationNot safe for using as a kids gate for stairs
No drilling requiredCan get loose or slip because of child/pet weight
Best for temporary installationNot good for angular walls
Less pricy than hardware mount gates

Okay, we assume that by now you would have decided with material and mounting system that would fulfill your need, let’s talk about the width and length of a gate and how important is it to consider these things before buying a safety gate

Width of the Child Gate

How easy would it be if all the door openings and spaces were of standard width?

It would have been super easy and you could choose the safety gate in just few simple steps. But reality is far from that and it is compulsory that you consider the width of the before buying the gate. If the gate doesn’t fit the width of the opening then it won’t be more than a piece of crap for you.measure width of stairs

Baby safety gates come in a variety of widths to choose from according to your requirements. An ordinary baby gate would be around 34 inches wide. But if the space you want to cover is wider than that then you can go for extra wide baby gate. These extra wide gates also come in different widths, some are wider than others. You will find the range from approximately 50 inches to 192 inches.

Height of the Child Gate

Height is another important thing to consider before deciding which baby gate to pick. An ordinary baby gate has around 30-inch of height. But if you are looking a gate for a toddler who loves to climb or a pet that can jump like a monkey then you need to consider investing in tall baby gates which is around 5 inches taller than a regular gate. The additional height of extra long baby gates will prevent your curious climbers to jump over the gate and also keep them secure.

Additional Tip: Measure the height of your child if you are buying a safety gate for your baby. Baby gate would serve the purpose if its three quarters of the height of your child.

Are you still reading? Congratulations! You are now more knowledgeable in safety gates for babies than your friends, unless they have read this guide before you. Just kiddin!

If you are buying a safety gate for stairs then please pay attention! Gates that are installed on top of stairs should be very sturdy and safe in order to avoid any unforeseen accident

Baby Safety Gates for Stairs

Safety gates for stairs be it top or bottom, should be very secure and sturdy. Top of the stairs are particularly very risky as in case of an accidental fall there could be very serious injuries. So the stair gates that you put on the staircase should be extremely sturdy so that it can easily bear your child or pet’s weight without any trouble. In order to take this safety measure you should pick a gate that has strong metal construction and incorporates hardware mounting system. In our lists you will find the best baby gates for top of stairs that you’ll love.

Do you want a gate that you can hide whenever you don’t need it? Keep Reading please

Retractable Safety Gate

Do you want a temporary solution to the safety gate problem? Then retractable baby gate are for you. Although these gates are expensive than their metal & wooden counterparts, but they provide an easy and modern perspective to your need. These gates usually have pressure mounting system which allows you to install and uninstall it in no time. You can even install the retractable gate at different locations of the house since they don’t require any hardware work.

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